Jonny Davenport (b. 1968) is a west coast born and bred, american photographer and artist. Working mainly with discontinued instant films and cameras considered obsolete, he creates a wide range of
self-portraits with a snapshot aesthetic. 

In a ditch attempt to pass high school, he enrolled in a photography class and found his lifelong calling in the process.

His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in both group and solo shows.

In September, 2014 he was a closing speaker for Creative Live's PhotoWeek alongside Pulitzer prize winning celebrity photographer
Brian Smith.

With DIY roots, he's a firm believer in just going out there and
'do what you do....'

Beginning originally as an online photozine in 1997, has since become the exclusive online gallery for his work.

He resides in Portland, Oregon where you'll find him shooting with one of his old polaroid cameras, giving away prints to strangers.

'cut your own path. aspire.
remain relentless in your pursuits....'